Welcome to The Overwatch campaign!

Overwatch is a campaign that aims to dive head first into the dark sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000 gun’s a’blazen. The game of Deathwatch focuses on one of the main themes of 40k: War. It does this by allowing the player to step into the role of mankind’s greatest warriors the Space Marines. The Overwatch campaign will feature gameplay driven by Investigation, Strategy, Combat and heroic Roleplaying. I as a GM look at these elements of play with equal value.

My overall approach to GMing is to tell a good story. I do not look at it as a competition with the players. I do not set out each session with the goal of killing my player’s characters. That is not to say that characters will not die. The game needs to be challenging but each situation is “winnable”, even if that “win” is a tactical retreat.

Next game ? 9:30pm est.

I will be on roll20 at 8:00pm setting up so join me for pre-game if you want.

To play the campaign between game meetings go To the Wiki.

New Characters should start by filling out a character sheet pdf (see below), emailing it to me, and then adding an entry to the characters page (Just name, player, class,and back story). Next, they should proceed to the main page of the wiki. Once on the wiki click The Beginning.

We will be playing via Roll20. Here is the link to our game: Overwatch

The Game System in a Nutshell

When Creating a new character:

To get Characteristics you may generate as shown on page 25. You can roll 9 times if you wish and choose which characteristics you put that roll into. Alternatively, you may Allocate points as described on page 26. Roll for Armor History on p162. You chapter past can be chosen or rolled, your demeanor can be chosen or rolled (p32), name can be chosen, rolled, or made up (nothing too lore breaking please), all players start with 4 fate. Standard 1000 points to be spent as described on page 27. I trust the players not to cheat in the rolls they make in character creation. Cheating will rob the player of the intended game experience. Any deeds may also be taken (Rites of Battle book) as long as you meet any prereqs and can afford the exp cost.

Interactive Character Sheet

DEATHWATCH Character Generator!!!!


Books (Links take you to lowest cost option at the time of typing)

Deathwatch (Required)
Rites Of Battle (Strongly recommended)
Mark of Xenos (owned by GM)

Important Links:

Lore video series on youtube

Warhammer 40k Wiki

Official Deathwatch Character Sheets and other useful stuff.

Deathwatch books, pay and print option.

Links to 40k visuals: (feel free to add some.)

The Lord Inquisitor


Video Game cinematic Mashup


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