A prime example of a Space Marine Standing proud at about 2.2 Meter's tall, and weighing 800 Kg. Azazel poses a haunting beauty, sharp regal features, sharp fangs and flowing golden hair that goes down to his waist

Long ago on the hellish radioactive wasteland of Baal prime there lived two brothers of the pure Baal tribes that served as part of their tribe’s Relic hunting division. The elder brother had a knack for machines and the younger was more skilled is excavation. The pair worked marvelously and they and the rest of the team helped keep the tribe relevant and kept their families from succumbing to the terrible fate of mutation or death so ever present on that moon. The elder brother had strong aspiration of joining the glorious Blood Angels and perhaps ascending to the holy order of the Adeptus Mechanicus as a Tech Marine. The Younger didn’t share his passion feeling he could never match the other fighters in the tribes or even survive the modifications that changed the pox marked Baalites into the legendary Sons of Sanguinius but he still wished for a better life and that seemed to be the only way off this cursed moon. It all changed one on one fateful trip out. Security had been increased due to news of a rival tribe in the area, when the party reached the destination they had discovered they had arrived first much to their joy and began the careful process of extracting the ancient tech. Though the rival tribe wasn’t all that far behind and a few hours after the brother’s party had finished excavation they appeared. The rival tribe was not once of peace and fighting soon erupted and it was brutal, the tribesmen and women scarred and covered in boils fought to the last to protect their claim. The younger brother fought fiercely but they where outnumbered and weren’t keeping up with the enemy tribe resulting in the worst possible fate to befall them, a boy the age of the younger brother auger in hand slipped through the line and sent the drill through the elder brother’s chest killing him and stealing the artifacts they had worked so hard to recover…the younger brother was broken, the only family he knew was gone. The next few years where rough for the boy, he didn’t have anyone bust himself to rely on and the face of his brother’s murderer burned into his mind with a righteous anger. The time came and it was time to see if his training paid off, he made for Angel’s Fall.

The trail was long and arduous and the constant companion of Death was not what he wished for but his brother’s words in the back of his head kept him pushing on his determination increased a thousand fold and the Aspirant finally reached the Place of Challenge, and a few new scars to show for his efforts. The battles after this seemed much easier than reaching the place itself, and while the aspirant was smaller than some of the others none he was determined for he had nothing to lose anymore. A fire lit in his eyes as he found himself before a boy he knew a the boy with auger, though now he wielded a true weapon the look on his face was the same. The Aspirant struck with the fury that mirrored a space marine fighting his fallen brother and the Boy was expecting this and tried to use it against the Aspirant but to no avail the Boy just ended up joining the other failed aspirants in death. With his vengeance gained only a few more battles remained and soon after he was one of the fifty left and taken to the fortress-monastery of the Blood Angels where upon he passed the remaining trails and was enveloped into the Golden Coffin, emerging as a changed man no longer was he disfigured and scarred but a glorious member of the Chapter, Brother Azazel had been born.

Years passed, he trained hard to prove his worth to his battle-brothers and Lord Commander Dante. With training and his own innate skill Azazel took quickly to the chainsword and was assigned to the Assault force after he had shown his worth. In his spare time he joined his brother’s in the pursuits of fine arts crafting charms of gold and painting glorious tapestries depicting might victories. Like the rest of the Blood Angels he strove for perfection in his duties and never faltered in performing to his full potential the gifts he had been given in his initiation where being slowly payed back in years of service. Azazel was rather popular among his generation of initiates for his ferocity in battle and for his kindness in dealing with individuals though it is not to say he was soft, Azazel was merely optimistic believing the the best in people for if a man of his beauty and strength could come from such a retched mortal than humanity still had a chance to reclaim it’s lost path. The path lead him to be one of the many dispatched to Ultramar to help the Ultramarines fend off the ravenous Tyranid invasion. The battle was hellish, and there where no know strategies for dealing with this threat, the Codex was flawed and these flaws became very apparent in these years. The men of His unit fought tooth and nail to retake the land from the Xenos and their captain payed the ultimate price for it and died in combat as the company was facing down a horde of the foul beasts. The Company was disjointed and distraught at the loss of the man who had lead them through countless battles, it was at that time Azazel had felt a pain he hadn’t felt for over a century, he had lost elder brother. Azazel was determined not to falter like he did all those years ago, so the mighty assault marine, jumped up onto a high point to survey the battle, then he delivered an impassioned speech over the Vox. In a valiant effort Azazel lead the rest of his unit in forcing back the vile Tyranids and getting the rest of them through the campaign and assisting the Ultramarines in cleansing Ultramar Upon returning from the three year campaign Azazel was called forth before Lord Commander Dante, where he explained what happened and in a grand ceremony where he was awarded the Iron Skull honour and promoted to the rank of Sargent for his leadership ability, not only this but for his skill in dispatching the Tyranids he had his name put forth for the Death Watch. Sargent Azazel served his chapter proudly and with honour befitting his new rank, saving a hive world from a daemonic invasion, and defeating a detachment of Tau before the call finally came and with a heavy heart Sargent Azazel left his home chapter for his time in service to Death Watch.


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