The Beginning

For decades you have served the Imperium of Man as an angel of death in a galaxy that knows only war. As a child you were selected from tribal humans by a Chapter of Space Marines, a monastic order of super soldiers modeled off of the genetically perfect God-Emperor . Your teenage years were spent training and being surgically modified into a super human. Your chapter became your family, your squad mates bothers. You traded your adept robes for scout armor. Years of campaigns under your belt you earned your Power Armor. Your world changed when your chapter master summoned you to his quarters and told you that you had been selected for the Long Watch. Every few decades your chapter sends selected bothers to the Deathwatch. A Chapter comprised of Chapters, the Deathwatch serves the Ordo Xenos. The Inquisitors of the order protect the Empire of Man from the alien forces that seek to set it ablaze. The Deathwatch is the Order’s strongest asset stationed at one of the most important fronts in the endless war: The Jericho Reach.
Jericho maw warp gate
Your transport ship exits the warp in the Erioch System. Warship
This star system is a place of mystery and foreboding. The central astral body within this system is the Erioch star, which is a crumpled, angry white dwarf whose slow death has been measured in eons. Seven planets — no larger in diameter than Terra — circle this ancient star, orbiting perfectly in a circular pattern, the distance between them astronomically exact and thus unnaturally precise. The worlds of Erioch are nothing more than bare rock, completely devoid of life with no known life signs having ever existed. Even stranger, these planets bare no marks or craters that show signs of impacts with meteorites or other stellar debris. Circling the sixth planet is the Watch Fortress Erioch, the primary bastion of the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach. It is unknown why the Watch Fortress was placed in this isolated star system. Unless granted the highest clearance and the most secret information, it is impossible for a Navigator to even locate Erioch within the Warp, never mind guide a starship into the system. Even with the appropriate information, those wishing to visit the system must drop out of the Warp into realspace at the system’s edge, or not at all. Source

Your Ship lands in a vast, dimly lit void dock in the Watch Fortress.

Watch fortress erioch

You step off of the ship in simple robes. The black Deathwatch power armor has not yet been bestowed upon you. A chapter serf disembarks behind you. He sets a heavy chest at your feet containing the few personal effects that a Marine requires. He bows before you in what can only be described as worship and scurries back into the small transport ship. Aside from the docking rigs; which are populated with cybernetic Servitor drones clearing the now leaving ships for departure; the void dock looks like a cavernous Gothic cathedral. Machine spirit soothing incense fog the air.

You turn and see other robed battle brothers who have freshly arrived to start their own Long Watch. You bow and greet each other with honor as sons of the God-Emperor.


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Now that you are introduced a robed servitor approaches. His face covered with cybernetic implants that make him more machine than man. He motions for you to follow him deeper into the Watch Fortress Erioch.

The Beginning

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