Deathwatch Techmarine


Physical Description: Standing at just 2.05 meters out of armor, Argus is one of the shorter space marines in existence, although the height has never been a detriment to any task or duty he may have been tasked to perform. A member of the Iron Hands, Argus bears more resemblance to a cyborg or machine than a human being, although he does keep his hair, and a distinctive stoic expression. Wires and hydraulics support much of his body, and the appearance is needless to say…occasionally disturbing out of armor.


The Emperor: The father of the Imperium and all that we hold dear. We failed to protect him, but we have the chance to redeem ourselves.

The Codex Astartes: A set of guidelines of a set of tactical situations. The Codex is to be obeyed to an extent, and modified as necessary.

Purity: So long as the flesh is vulnerable to corruption, we must purge the frailty and embrace the machine.

Psykers: Psykers are strange creatures. Some are useful, even impressive assets to the Imperium. Yet others are dangerous and deserve only death. They have the touch of the warp, but with enough knowledge, we can control just about anything.
Mankind: Although occasionally fearful of the Astartes, an Iron Hands member must seem vastly alien. Our arrays of implants, augurs and other bionics are not welcomed by everyone.

Homeworld: Medusa is located near the Eye of Terror. Its landscape is harsh and generally unstable, with massive tectonic shifts occurring on a regular basis. Medusa is not united by any single government, but instead is populated by disparate clans of miners living out of great tracked vehicles travelling in caravan. There are only two notable locations on Medusa: a volcano known as Karaashi, which was the location of the arrival of Ferrus Manus, and the Land of Shadows. The Land of Shadows is populated only by ghostly relics of ages past and is said to be haunted by the spirits of Medusans long dead; those who go there only go in order to become supplicants to the Iron Hands’ recruitment process.

Personality: Although he keeps much of the same harsh and stoic personality traits of his brethren, Argus is generally personable, and enjoys the thrill of the fight, as well as the time spent with his kill-team. He is quick to judge and is critical of most people, but never to the extreme as most Iron Hands.

Deathwatch Meaning: The position of Deathwatch Techmarine is not only an honor for the self, but for the entire chapter.

Desire: The way to serve is through the Omnissiah. Argus wishes nothing more to take this to the next level as a Chapter Forgemaster.

Hatred: Weakness in any form is to be rectified. Everyone is guilty of weakness, but should they do nothing about it, the Horus Heresy may be doomed to repeat one day.


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